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Book promotion event held in Prishtina on the publication of the book “Kosova amidst Intrigues”

Book promotion event held in Tirana on the publication of the book “Kosova amidst Intrigues

Book promotion event on the publication of “The National Security and the challenges of Integration”




Serbia planning ethnic cleansing in Presevo area - Albanian paper

Albanian Commentary Says Serbs Planning Ethnic Cleansing in Presevo Area



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 The Independent Kosova and the Rebirth of Serbia

 Serbia and the Attempt to Export the Crises

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Dear reader,

The writing of any book, however simple that it may be, is the finalization of not only years of hard work but also the crowing of great emotions experienced by those who have the great fortune of having their works assessed by other readers. I am hopeful that this publication will pass the test of truth, the test of your objective judgment and opinion.

It is several years now that I have worked on writing articles, studies and books on issues of national and regional security.

Kosova Amidst Intrigues


  “Kosova amidst Intrigues” brings together a number of analyses and pieces with some of them having already been published in the dailies in Albania..



The U.S. Strategy for Kosova and the Albanian Tabloids

The Bell Fall for Kosova

US Train cannot wait forever in the Albanian station

The Trap of the General
The Marathon of Independence
Mr. Walker, Kosova and Ahtisaari
Del Ponte, Haradinaj and the Kosova Status
The Security of Minorities and the Status of Kosova

The Fourth November


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P.O.Box: 2378, Tirana- Albania

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Geopolitics. Its definition and field of study. Geostrategy, its meaning and relation with geopolitics 

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Religions and their role in the geopolitical developments

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The penalization of Cannabis Politics

LAZARAT, Albania (Reuters) - Cannabis plants lay stacked up like Christmas trees around a police station


National Security and the Challenges of Integration

When the author of this book, Colonel Xhavit Shala, informed me  on  the project ...


Albanians in the crossroads

The terrorist act of 9/11 in America has transformed the American Security Strategy in many ways


Between anti cannabis and cannabis politics

“Long live the Cannabis of Cakran.” This is the large lettered graffiti in the walls of University in Rome


Albanian Center For National Security Studies

Founder of the ACNSS







Studime te botuara ne shtypin e perditshem

Informaliteti dhe financimi i terrorizmit
- Botuar si editorial nė gazetėt "Koha Jonė", 20.06.2007-
Kurthi serb i luftės fetare
- Botuar si editorial nė gazetėt "Koha Jonė", 18.05.2007-
Operacioni "Patkoi 2" dhe vehabizmi
- Botuar si editorial nė gazetėt "Korrieri", 19.03.2007-
Paketa e Athisarit dhe kutia e Putin
- Botuar si editorial nė gazetėt "Korrieri", 17.02.2007-
Statusi i Kosovės dhe operacioni LANAC
- Botuar nė Gazetėn "Shqip", 09.06.2006-
Vorio-Epiri, njė ėndėrr nė arkivol
- Botuar nė Gazetėn "Shqip", 09.06.2006-
Sherifėt serb nė veprim
- Botuar si editorial nė Gazetėn "Shqip", 05.06.2006-
USA nė Ballkan, Intrigė, mundėsi apo ēmenduri
- Botuar nė Nr.32 tė ABC, 15.04.2006-
Ballkani, krimi dhe integrimi
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Standard", 13.04.2006-
Vahabizmi, filozofia antiterezė
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Tirana Observer", 28.03.2006-
Shqipėria mes patriotizmit ekonomik e pragmatizmit politik
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Tirana Observer", 28.03.2006-
Kisha serbe dhe kryqėzimi i Serbisė.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Tirana Observer", 14.03.2006-
Toleranca fetare, media dhe siguria kombetare.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Tirana Observer", 8.03.2006-
Diplomacia publike dhe siguria kombėtare.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Tirana Observer", 28.02.2006-
Kosova dhe diplomacia ekonomike ruse.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Tirana Observer", 22.02.2006-
Penalizimi i kanabopolitikės.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Tirana Observer", 08.02.2006-
Shteti demokratik dhe edukimi fetar.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Tirana Observer", 01.02.2006-
Janollatosi dhe ceshtja Cameria.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 30.01.2006-
Rumija, Sulltan Fatihu dhe kryqet e Bushatit.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 17.01.2006-
Siguria e minoriteteve dhe statusi i Kosovės?.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 11.01.2006-
Drejt shqiptarizmit nė hierarkinė fetare?.
- Botuar editorial nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 05.01.2006-
A ti besojmė Huntingtonit?.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 19.12.2005-
Kosova nė kurthin e opsioneve.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 10.12.2005-
Politika dhe policimi.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 24.11.2005-
Ēėshtjet fetare dhe siguria kombėtare.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 19.11.2005-
Kina, Tajvani dhe statusi i Kosovės.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 09.11.2005-
Ballkani mes prosperitetit dhe intrigave.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 01.11.2005-
Del Ponte, Ramushi dhe Statusi i Kosovės.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 21.10.2005-
Uolkeri, Kosova dhe Ahtisaari.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 14.10.2005-
Kosova e pavarur dhe rilindja e Serbisė.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 03.10.2005-
Maratona e Pavarėsisė.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 27.09.2005-
Kurthi i Gjeneralit.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 10.09.2005-
Ethet e Kosovės dhe pshertimat e Ballkanit.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 02.09.2005-
Krimi s'ka mė frikė.
- Nga Alfred Peza, botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 14.08.2005-
Mjekrat dhe dosjet e Kondovės.
- Botuar editorial nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 13.08.2005-
A jemi nė shėnjestėr?.
- Botuar nė Revistėn KLAN, 06.08.2005-
Njė mjekėrr pėr Maqedoninė.
- Botuar nė Revistėn KLAN, 06.08.2005-
Demantohet “pėrkatėsia ballkanike” e sulmuesve nė Londėr.
- Botuar nė KOHA DITORE, 06.08.2005-
Berisha dhe tymnaja islamike e Covicit.
- Botuar nė gazetėn Korrieri dhe Experss nė Kosovė, 27.07.2005-
Islami, mes religjionit, politikės dhe terrorizmit.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri:, 14.07.2005-
Bashkesia islame dhe zjarri vahabit.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 15.06.2005-
Filloi numerimi mbrapsht.
- Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 10.06.2005-
Zgjedhjet shqiptare dhe preferencat e SHBA. - Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 05.06.2005-

Propoganda elektorale dhe siguria kombėtare. - Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri", 26.05.2005-

Strategjia Amerikane pėr Kosovėn dhe Natasha - Botuar nė gazetėn "Korrieri" -



. Per me shume...

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