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QSHSSK-Qendra Shqiptare e Studimeve për Sigurinë Kombëtare
























Surname: SHALA
Date of Birthday: 7 August 1961


Mailing Address: P.O.Box 2378, Tirana-Albania





Graduated as officer of the Ministry of Interior, College of the Ministry of Interior.



Graduated from the Faculty of Albanian language and literature, “Aleksandër Xhuvani” University Elbasan (Distance Education).



Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana (Distance Education)



January 2004, successfully competed to pursue Master studies "On Order and Public Security" at the “Arben Zylyftari“ Police Academy, Tirana.




October 1998, Cairo – Anti-Terrorism Training


August 1999, Tirana - Strategic Planning in the Police Force. Training conducted by the ICITAP mission of the Department of Justice of the US.


April 2000, Budapest – The Fight against Human Trafficking, IOM.


June – July, 2001 USA – International Visitors Program, US Department of State


October 2000, Bucharest – Operational Management in the Police Force, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


February 2001, Tirana – Management and Leadership Course for Senior Officers, MAPE mission of the European Union.


Foreign languages:


Italian and Serbo-Croatian.


Knowledge of English and Russian languages




1984, officer – specialist, Department of the Ministry of Interior, Elbasan.


1990, officer – specialist, Ministry of Public Order.


1991-1993, Chief of the Intelligence Service Branch, Elbasan.


1993- March 1995, inspector, Intelligence Service Branch, Elbasan.


March 1995-September 1997, Executive Director of SHRC “Shala„.


October 1997 - June 1999, Director, Intelligence Service Branch, Elbasan Region.


December 1998 – Member of the Scientific Council, Intelligence Service.


June 1999 - November 2000, Criminal Police Director, Ministry of Public Order.


July 1999, author of the Strategy on the fight against criminal gangs and personally lead most of the police operations against them during 1999-2000.


November 2000 - April 2002, Police Director, Fier Region.


February 7, 2001 – Hosted and initiated in the region of Fier (on his own initiative) the regional conference: “ For the prevention of the cultivation of narcotic plants, and prepared the strategy against it. Now attempts are being made to implement this strategy across the country.


September 11, 2001 - Hosted and initiated in the region of Fier (on his own initiative) the regional conference: “For the prevention and the fight against the trafficking of human beings and of women for the purpose of forced prostitution in particular” and prepared a strategy against it.


September 2001- Drafted and successfully implemented (on his own initiative) the strategic plan “For the collection of weapons and ammunition fallen in the hands of the population during the 1997 unrest; the strategy is being implemented across the country today.


November, 2001- Established in Fier (on his own initiative) “The Shelter for the Protection of the Victims of Trafficking," marking the first program for the protection of witnesses in Albania. The success of this shelter was recognized by the U.S. State Department in its Human Rights Report 2001 (page 24) and the U.S. State Department Report "On Human Trafficking" June, 2002.


April, 2002 – transferred and appointed as Chief of Analyses and than as an analyst Ministry of Public Order.


April, 2003 - established the Center for National Security Studies


October, 2003 – July 2004, Police Director, Region of Lezha.


July 15, 2004 - As a result of the influence and sponsoring of criminal organizations on March 5, 2004 Mr. Shala was expelled from the Police Force and on July and August 13, 2005, suffered two assassination attempts aimed at him and his family.


August, 2004- Executive Director, Albanian Center for National Security Studies.


Has the carried the rank of colonel and police commissar.


International Activity


November 8 – 12, 1999, head of the delegation of the Albanian State Police, 68-th General Assembly of Interpol, Seoul, South Korea.


September 25, 1999 – October 2, 1999, was a member of the delegation headed by the Prime Minister of Albania that visited the US upon the official invitation of the State Department.


April 10 – 17, 2000 – member of the Albanian delegation to the 10-th Congress of the UN "On the Prevention of Crime" in Vienna.


August 10 – 12, 2000, member of the Albanian delegation in the Extraordinary meeting held in Rome on illegal activity in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea.


September 30 – October 2, 2000, headed the delegation of the Albanian State Police to the 69-th Congress of the General Assembly of Interpol in Rhodes, Greece.


Has attended a series of other international events as a member of the delegation of the Albanian Ministry of Public Order and Albanian State Police.







"National Security and the Challenges of Integration" May 2003.


"Albanians at the Crossroads", May, 2004


"Anti-Cannabis or Cannabis Politics", May, 2005



Articles, studies and analyses:


  • “The Conclusion of the forensics expert, a scientific source to building the operational leads in uncovering, preventing and targeting criminal activity"

  • Delivered at the National Conference on Legal Sciences, Tirana November 2 – 3, 1999. 

  • “Trafficking of women and children” co-authored.

  • Published in „Police Today“ Magazine, February 2000. 

  • “Against Trafficking in Persons"

  • Published in „Police Today“ Magazine, October 2000.

  • "Characteristics of Trafficking of women for prostitution purposes in the region of Fier".

  • Published in the fifth issue of the Scientific bulletin „Criminality, Public Order and Policing“ a publication of the Police Academy - June 2002.

  • "Anti-trafficking, a permanent fight"

  • Published in the Albanian State Police web site and Korrieri daily, September 3,  2002. 

  • " The strategy on the fight against stolen vehicles".

  • Published in the Albanian State Police web site and Korrieri daily, October 5, 2002.

  • "Organized Crime and National Security".

  • Published in the Albanian State Police web site and Korrieri daily, December 18, 2002.

  • "Crime Statistics, Year 2002".

  • Published in the sixth issue of the Scientific bulletin „Criminality, Public Order and Policing“ a publication of the Police Academy - December 2002.

  • "Blood feuds and National Security"

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  • “The Mistake of Neutral Passivity".

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